Welcome to our garden! We are located on a quiet residential street in Victoria, BC. Our mission is to help members of the community to enjoy the benefits of cultivating a garden. Visitors are always welcome.

A core group of gardeners are retired seniors, but many families with children also participate. Many of the gardeners are from nearby co-op housing, townhouses, and condominiums, but some travel greater distances as their local community does not have this gardening resource. Currently there are about 180 gardeners cultivating the 130+ garden plots at the site (70+ plots on the East side and 60+ plots on the West side).

The Agnes Street Community Garden has been in continuous operation for more than 45 years. Visitors will find over 130 garden plots of various sizes, with most plots 20 feet by 25 feet or 500 square feet. Gardeners rent plots for the calendar year and choose what garden plants to grow. Due to Victoria's moderate temperatures many gardens include not just spring and summer crops but over-wintering crops as well. All crops are grown with organic methods and are pesticide free.