Saturday September 30

Starting at 2:00 PM

You are cordially invited!

Our last Information Exchange session and Social will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 2 PM. Meet by the picnic tables. The 2018 sessions will resume late February or early March.

Since this is our last session of the season, we'll look back at some of the topics covered in our earlier sessions and share stories on the growing season. Possible topics we can talk about include:

  • harvest stories
  • composting
  • preparing garden beds for the winter (The Big Sleep)
  • preserving the harvest
  • fall/winter gardening, and
  • ideas that would help in reducing the rodent population down at the Gardens.

Also we will talk about the upcoming AGM and volunteering opportunities at the Gardens.

This will be the last chance for us to tour the gardens before winter. If anyone has spare seeds or plants, bring them! Any contributions will go to good homes - guaranteed! :-) Last, but not least, treats. Refreshments will be served -- to help keep up our strength for the fall cleanup. :-) Any goodies you would like to bring will be most welcome.

If anyone has any specific topics you want covered, please email:

  • Barbara Irwin (
  • Judy Aldridge (
  • Nancy Wood (
  • Carole Wyatt (